Peace Lecture 2018: Maire Leadbeater

Maire Leadbeater (1).png

The Archibald Baxter Memorial Trust is proud to announce that Maire Leadbeater will be delivering the annual Peace lecture in September 2018. 


Maire Leadbeater is a prominent New Zealand peace activist who was a key player in the CND movement in the 1980s. She has also played an active role in several human rights campaigns in the Pacific, most notably the East Timorese struggle for independence during the 1990s and the ongoing struggle for freedom and democracy in  West Papua. Maire Leadbeater is also a highly regarded author who has written on the history and politics of the peace and independence movements she has engaged with. Her most recent book, 'See No Evil: New Zealand's betrayal of the people of West Papua', provides a critical insight into the New Zealand government's complicity with Indonesia's brutal repression of West Papuan people standing up for human rights and democracy. 


Maire Leadbeater's research into these topics has involved detailed scrutiny of the New Zealand state, and how it hides information and avoids accountability for the role it plays in the international arena. It is this research which will provide the content for the 2018 Peace Lecture: Informed Dissent. She will argue for the importance of peace research in challenging state secrecy.