Welcome to the Archibald Baxter Memorial Trust on-line.

Archibald Baxter is New Zealand’s best-known conscientious objector, and father of poet James K. Baxter. Archibald steadfastly endured the suffering caused by his decision to reject military service during the First World War. Transported to France and exposed to the horrors of frontline warfare, Archie and his fellow objectors have left New Zealand a legacy of principled resistance to war that is today more relevant than ever in our conflict-ridden world.

The trust has ambitious plans to honour Archibald Baxter and other conscientious objectors from New Zealand during these centennial years (2014–18).  These include the creation of a memorial garden, an annual peace lecture and an essay competition for secondary school students.


The purpose of the trust is to promote peace education and peace studies at all levels of the community.

The trust has three specific aims:

  • To organize an occasional peace lecture to be given in Archie’s name.
  • To establish a physical memorial in Dunedin to remember those who stood for peaceful alternatives to conflict and war. Although a site has not yet been selected, the memorial might take the form of a sculpture garden where visitors could reflect on the experience of Baxter and his companions and their reasons for rejecting war.
  • To promote an essay competition in Otago schools on the topic of peace.


  • Prof Kevin Clements (chair)
  • Katherine Baxter
  • Tony Eyre
  • David Grant
  • Penny Griffith
  • Alan Jackson
  • Prof Richard Jackson
  • Dr Paul Sorrell