Full text of Archibald Baxter's 'We Will Not Cease' freely available from Victoria University's New Zealand Electronic Text Collection.

This takes you to a page about the TV movie 'Field Punishment No. 1'. Made in 2014, this movie vividly recreates the horrendous realities of the first world war and the persecution of Archibald Baxter. There is a short trailer.

This is a link to the Te Ara online encyclopedia. The entry for "Baxter, Archibald McColl Learmond" is written by the historian David Grant and is a solid and useful resource for students and researchers.

A link to a an Otago Daily Times article by Eileen Goodwin, which includes pictures of and interviews with key members of the Archibald Baxter Memorial Trust.

A site dedicated to the remembrance of conscientious objectors, pacifists and other New Zealanders who resisted war. Includes information about well known pacifists such as Archibald Baxter and also a host of other less famous peacemakers.

A New Zealand blog which focuses on the contested politics of the Anzac centenary. Archibald Baxter, Ormond E Burton, Robin Hyde and John A Lee all wrote books which are highly relevant to the question of how WW1 should be remembered one hundred years later.